Eclectic Does Not Equal Poor…

I’m a little pissed off (not like that’s anything new now is it?!) and must speak my mind before small parts of my brain explode out my tiny ears and make my beautiful delicate emerald earring shatter against the wall.

I use Yelp (and love Yelp) frequently. I have found amazing and delightful new restaurants, countless stores, and secret parts of San Francisco while perusing the fascinating opinions of Bay Area residents.

But I can’t stand it when people lie…and write bad reviews and leave the truth out. Like I would ever judge someone’s appearance and think they’re poor because they’re eclectic….has ANYONE seen ME?!

I received my first bad Yelp review today at work and it echoed the same concept that I have been reading about other wonderful stores in downtown Mill Valley. That we “rich snobby Southern Marin types who have changed are cold hearted and don’t appreciate boho styles or those who are unique and unusual”.

First of all let’s get this straight…I have bright pink hair and have had that (along with black) on and off for the last sixteen years. My back is covered in tattoos from my neck all the way down. I can be crude, rude, and I’m a crazy vegetarian wine drinking Italophile writer who smokes a pack a day of Marlborough cigarrettes. We own hairless cats and tiny bratty chihuahua dogs who have more attitude than Dolly Parton. I was BORN in San Francisco and RAISED in Mill Valley (and not for two years only to move into a suburb of L.A.). We are old school (my friends and I) quirky little buggers who not only love the way it used to be around here (if you love free sex and tons of drugs and hot tubs and free rent and Jefferson Starship crawling up your ass every three minutes while the band jams and the junkie in the corner keeps asking you for a smoke) but the way it is now (conscious and green and clean and family oriented and modern and looking towards the future while keeping to our past while drowning in a sea of baby carriages).

And hey kids (and adults) but newsflash…times change. Mill Valley is one of the most expensive places to live in the entire United States and is the fourth desirable zipcode to live in thanks to Smithsonian Magazine who decided we are extra extra cool (and dammit we ARE!). But people are saying negative things about our community….and I just can’t handle it anymore. People write about good stores with hardworking people. I can’t stand that…

We may have the “stepford wives” and the “milfs” and the “richies” but every part of an affluent community does. Hey…what about the Marina in S.F.? Or the “hidden rich” hipsters of the Mission whose “mommy and daddy” money is driving our rents higher. Places that really should be 900 bucks (because its such a hole) are now  2800 (and that’s not even including the parking spot that’s really too small for your car!).

I’m proudly from Southern Marin (you can call me a prep or a richie but not a stepford) and from San Francisco (but don’t EVEN think about calling me a hipster)-and we accept and love all types of people regardless of your income…it just so happens it’s a lot more expensive to live in Mill Valley than a lot of other places that surround us so please don’t hate if you can’t afford it.

Most people that tease others and hate on certain places is usually because they’re jealous and feel inadequate that they have less.

Maybe instead of wasting your time on being negative about beautiful places you should start focusing on being a better part of your community and making a difference …


2 responses to “Eclectic Does Not Equal Poor…

  1. Tell it like it is, girlfriend! Over the years I have know you, you have consistently chosen the kind act, the supportive community feeling, the responsible and ecological manufacturing method…and, of course, the outrageously flattering fashion choice. You are a credit to your chosen communities!

  2. It happens. You can’t control how people perceive you. Don’t trip out! I remember when you were a enthusiastic little kid…discovering my hats at the Mill Valley Hat Festival. remember when you found my hats there? I had fun, hats to your Mom over the few years she carried them at the shop. Your Mom was my best critic. She told me what sold, what she wanted to see more of etc. I remember being in a panic when she said the “commercial flowers” I used did my hats a disservice! It shook me up. I went home and cried! Then I tried making a flower. It was awful! (I still have it, a blob of black velvet). Then I practiced more, read books…and made more. After about a year I was pretty good. I moved, started doing more craft shows, and expanding elsewhere. I stopped selling to the shop!

    Then we moved to Idaho in 1999. I used to go back for select craft shows. I had a client that told me your Mom passed away. I was so sad! I still am, because without her I would have never grown as an artist. I regret not going back, to show off my hand crafted silk flowers, and roses. I got really good at making those! I still think time to time, about your Mom saying “those flowers are crap! Don’t ruin your hats with them” LOL really. I smile and ‘get it’ now. While, I have retired from hat making, life changes. I’ve moved on to become a knitter or scarves, and shawls…and I spin yarn. It’s still creative and fun, I do add silk flowers to my yarns every so often. I have Dorthy to thank for being my best critic. Without her, I may have never made the leap.

    Best~ Sayra

    p.s. I remember when you got that back tattoo! I saw it before your Mom did 😀

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